Community Engagement

Community-Based Engaged Learning

Gain firsthand experience with the community and real-world needs through community-based engaged learning.

Service-learning provides students with a broader and deeper understanding of their area of study, fosters their sense of civic engagement, and enhances their perception of themselves and their role in the community. This form of engaged learning improves students' interpersonal and organizational skills which can also help them with future career decisions. A list of currently offered service-learning courses can be found below.  

In addition to course-based community engagement, the IU Corps website maintains a list of IU Bloomington service-focused research, internships, and volunteer opportunities.  

Student Spotlights

Meghan Munson

Community engagement through volunteer work and internships can also happen at the global level. Read about Meghan's volunteer experience in Malawi that led to a month-long internship.

Meghan's Story

Jenna Sears

Jenna Sears says working with the Kids with Absent Parents (KAP) program has been one of her most rewarding educational experiences. Read more about Jenna's service-learning experience.

Jenna's Story
Lane Wolf   Recent IU grad, Lane Wolf, talks about the impact of community engagement.    

Description of the video:

My name is Lane Wolf. I graduated in 2020 with a degree in Media and a concentration in Advertising and a specialization in Public Relations. 

My junior year I worked at the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center in my PR Campaigns class. The class met twice a week for 16 weeks. We worked with a representative from the non-profit in Indy. They would come down and we helped do a complete web redesign as well as a PR campaign for the organization to help them get their name out, not only in the community, but also to generate more donors and create more funds that way.

And then my senior year, I worked with the Greene County Tourism Commission in my PR research class. Where, for another 16 weeks, I worked directly with this commission in a county next door to Bloomington to increase visitorship and funding for rural tourism in the county. 

During undergrad, I wasn't going to be able to volunteer nearly as much as I wanted to coming to college. That was something I got to do a lot of in high school, but due to my work schedule and my class schedule and then also extra-curriculars, I just didn't have the opportunity to volunteer as much as I wanted to and it was really nice to be able to then be in classes where I got to volunteer and have that philanthropic moment as well as be using my degree.