How Will You Engage IU?

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course, field experience, lab, culminating paper or project

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work, both credited and uncredited, related to academic studies

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artistic expression inspired by academic study

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local and international experiences connected to classroom learning

Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Week

A Campus Celebration

Held April 6-14, the first annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Week will celebrate achievements and success in research experience and creative activity across campus.  The deadline for submitting project proposals is March 30, 2018. 

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Engaging IU and Beyond: Student Blog

From Behind a Desk to Behind a Camera

From interviewing celebrities live on the red-carpet in California, to being behind the camera in Texas, Sofia Grimsgard has gained an abundance of multi-media experience after finishing an internship in entertainment and through an NBC affiliate.

Sofia Grimsgard

Student Spotlight

Hands-On Learning

At Indiana University, students are able to gain experience through a variety of learning environments. With help from Engaged Learning, Roli Garg was able to use her love of volunteer-work to network with students across the IUB campus.

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