Curricular and co-curricular experiences during IU undergraduate years bring lessons learned in classes to life.
Internships Icon

work, both credited and uncredited related to academic studies

Research Icon

course, field experience, lab culminating paper or project

Service Learning Icon

academic course with community benefit self-reflection component

Capstone Icon

integrated as part of major project in conjunction with faculty mentor

Study Abroad Icon

international experiences and lessons granting IU course credit


From studying the intricacies of storytelling to mapping the coiled structures of bacteria in biochemistry, undergraduate research will allow you to delve deeply into your interests while developing skills that will take you far post-graduation. You can pursue answers to questions you find compelling while training your perseverance, communication, analysis and inquiry skills.

Capstone Experience

This is a culminating academic experience that will focus on your area of concentration. Through the capstone, you will reflect on the entirety of your college journey and use skills, methodology, and knowledge you've learned in your undergraduate curriculum. Examples of a capstone experience include things like an undergraduate thesis, a semester project, and a performance, show, or recital.


You will provide much-needed service in your community, and the community will provide you with a unique and inspiring educational experience within the context of an academic course. Service-learning courses include practical experience, and will challenge you to understand what you are learning in a deeper sense while fostering your sense of civic engagement.

Anything you are interested in, you can find here at IU. You just have to go looking for it.


Knowing if you will love a career should not wait until after graduation. Internships will help you test, apply, and hone your skills. Use what you have learned in school in a real-life situation. You will also make connections and have a real impact. Discover whether you enjoy the work — or if you should reconsider your plans.