Grimsgard suggests the entertainment and NBC internship mentioned to any media student following a similar route and to intern in either Los Angeles, California or Austin, Texas. 

“Reach out to the IU alumni network and others on LinkedIn. The worst they can say is no or not reply, but you can potentially make a lifelong connection from a message or informational interview,” said Grimsgard.

Grimsgard had some assistance learning about internship opportunities through her career advisor, but she found both of these internships herself through online connections. Grimsgard believes in being self-sufficient and putting yourself out there through networking connections such as LinkedIn, the IU Career Development Center, and other various websites and resources. 

Upon graduation, Grimsgard plans on moving to either Los Angeles or New York City. She hopes to work in production/public relations or start out as a multimedia journalist in a small market while working her way up to a top 10 broadcast market. The education and experiences Grimsgard has taken advantage of at Indiana University and beyond will certainly help her get there.

There are a multitude of similar internships available to apply for. Make an appointment with an Indiana University career coach at the Career Development Center for a chance to gain the same experience as Grimsgard, learn new skills, and utilize old ones. A career coach can help build your résumé, prep you for interviews, and explore your options in order to set you on the right path.