Creative Activity

Turn your inspiration into creation through academic work in the arts.

Collaborate with world-renowned visual and performing artists as you hone your own creative abilities. Explore IU’s rich arts culture that spans musical performance, theatre and dance, and fine art and design.

OVPUE Fine Art Awards Winners

Three winners of the art competition smiling and posing for a photo.
Several colors painted in a variety of designs on yellow paper.
Tiger painted in black and white.

Clockwise from left: The Fine Art award recipients, Cheyney Rose, Rebecca Lugo, and Alyssa Joyal. Second place winner, Lugo’s artwork, Proofs. Third place winner, Joyal’s artwork, A Tribute to Delacroix

Student Spotlight

Julia Fleming pursues her academic goals and future career through out-of-the-classroom activities such as performing in IU's spring ballet, "Sandpaper Ballet."