Within the economic program, Munson utilized her skills that she gained from her Business, Government, & Society course at Indiana University. She also completed a Contemporary Africa class outside of the business school, which deepened her understanding of African culture. While in Malawi, Munson worked regularly with Amayi Lumbe, who established a textile shop in her community, and learned more about Amayi’s experiences running a woman-owned business. Munson combined her studies in Kelley with Amayi’s guidance to gain more insight in consultation and project management to learn how small businesses grow.

That was a neat way to use my skills that I’ve been learning at IU and knowledge I've been gaining from my classes to help and learn from someone from across the world  

In addition to working with Amayi in the textile shop, Munsen traveled every weekend to a different surrounding village with the ministry team, where she participated in worship services and counseling sessions. Munson also delivered two speaking engagements, which was how she gained such strong friendships with her Malawian peers.  After interning in Malawi for a month, Munson gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be an active, globally-minded citizen.

“I think there is a stigma specifically with Africa that it’s sunken in poverty, and we can just send money over to them and that will help. With me, even going for a short time helps, but it's more of teaching individuals there what you have learned here that betters both sides, and that was a big piece of it,” said Munson.

Munson highly suggests studying abroad and learning more about different cultures if given the opportunity.

“Going to any country will expand your perspective on life here by seeing how others live daily there. It's a humbling reality check, but in the best way possible,” said Munson.

To learn more about studying, interning, or volunteering abroad, visit the IU Office of Overseas Studies.

Meghan Munson smiling and posing for a photo with a group of students
Meghan Munson and a group of other missionaries singing and dancing for an outdoor performance