About Us

About Engaged Learning

Engaged learning puts learning into action! There are a number of ways that you can do that including participating in undergraduate research or creative activities, internships, or being involved in the global community. The Office of Engaged Learning cultivates a culture of hands-on, engaged learning at Indiana University; demonstrates the benefits of engaged learning; inspires and encourages students to pursue engaged learning opportunities; and helps students take the next step in finding engaged learning opportunities.


To increase student success and satisfaction by developing and promoting a wide range of high quality engaged learning activities which build knowledge, skills, and deep connections with students’ academic programs and faculty.


To develop a robust community of faculty and program partners who will together create a culture of student engagement. Our expectation is for every student to graduate having participated in at least one engaged learning opportunity.

Engaged Learning and the Bicentennial Strategic Plan

The Office of Engaged Learning directly addresses the Bicentennial Strategic Plan Objective One: An Excellent Education, Strategic Plan Objective Three: Excellence in Research, and Strategic Plan Objective Four: The International Dimension of Excellence.